6 Best Motherboards For i9-10850K in 2023

The i9-10850K is the latest 9th generation Coffee Lake core processor. Built on Intel’s latest 14 nm++ process technology, the i9-10850K is the highest clocked chip in the Coffee Lake lineup. The chip is based on Intel’s microarchitecture, known as Coffee Lake (Referred to as the 8th generation by Intel).

Intel’s new i9-10850K is capable of incredible things. Still, it doesn’t do any good if you don’t have an excellent motherboard to support it. Motherboard plays a crucial role in the performance of the whole setup.

If you plan to buy the best motherboard for the i9 10850k, you need to consider some vital aspects. I would suggest going through this blog to get the best motherboard for your build.

Our Best Motherboards for i9 10850K

1ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula Z490View On Amazon
2ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1200 View On Amazon
3ASRock Z490 Taichi Supports View On Amazon
4ROG Maximus XIII HeroView On Amazon
5ASUS Prime Z590-A LGA 1200View On Amazon
6MSI MPG Z490 Gaming CarbonView On Amazon

6 Best Motherboards For i9-10850K

1. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula Z490

ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula Z490 (WiFi 6) LGA 1200 (Intel 10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard

Asus Maximus XII Formula Z490 LGA1200 is built around Intel’s 10th generation of Intel Core series CPUs. It can handle up to 8 cores on this model of the motherboard. This means you can use the most powerful CPUs on the market today. It also features 10 GbE LAN for faster Internet connection.

If you want to build a top-notch gaming PC without breaking the bank, you need to look no further than the Maximus XII Formula Z490. With its 16 power phases, Maximus XII Formula Z490 can handle all of the electrical load of a 16-core processor. The Hybrid Thermal Solution, which combines passive and active cooling, ensures that this massive motherboard is always at peak performance.

The EK-XLC Series Elite Copper Chokes and EK XLC series ultra-low resistance nickel/metal hydride chokes for the VRMs deliver the best possible performance and durability under extreme loads. You can push your hardware to the limit with these chokes.

The Extreme Power Solution is ready to power up your entire system. The 10 GbE LAN port and 2.5GbE LAN ports ensure that you’ll have the fastest network connectivity available. ASUS Maximus XII Formula Z490 is a premium board in our new ROG lineup.

It combines top-notch hardware with the best ASUS design, offering the ultimate gaming experience. With an advanced cooling system, it supports Intel LGA 1200 socket for high-end CPU overclocking. In addition, it also supports Intel Optane memory and raids 0/1 storage functionality.

ASUS Maximus XII Formula Z490 combines the best of gaming hardware with exceptional quality and reliability, allowing you to achieve world-class performance in the most demanding of gaming environments


  • Maximum speed
  • Cooling processor.
  • On the contrary, it’s not too noisy
  • Solid build quality


  • Not for small use

2. ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1200

ROG Strix Z590-I Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1200

 ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1200 motherboard delivers advanced features such as dual M.2 slots, 8 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A, 4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C, Thunderbolt 4, Aura RGB lighting, and up to 10Gb network via a Realtek RTL8111G PCIe Gigabit LAN controller.

This new gaming motherboard also includes all the latest connectivity options for today’s modern systems, including WiFi 6, gigabit ethernet, m.2, m.2 and PCI-e expansion. The motherboard supports both Windows® 10 Home & Pro. It can be equipped with various graphic cards, RAM, or SSD from major manufacturers

Asus Gaming Motherboard Z590-E is a premium high-end motherboard with advanced AI software and overclocking control, enabling users to achieve higher speeds with less power consumption.

This product is suitable for Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro systems. It has two PCIe 4.0 x16 slots to support NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™2080/2070 graphics cards in SLI mode. It also has three PCIe 3.0 x16 slots for various storage devices and add-in cards.

The high-quality Alloy Chokes and Durable Capacitors are installed to ensure the stability and longevity of this motherboard. The ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E is designed to unleash the full potential of the latest Intel® 9th and 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processors. The ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E is optimized for gaming and entertainment applications, featuring AI overclocking, AI networking, and AI cooling.

The new motherboards have been designed to unleash the maximum performance of the latest Intel Core i9, i7 and i5 models with integrated graphics. They also include intelligent technologies such as AI overclocking, AI cooling, AI networking and AI noise cancellation. With the right set of tools, you can enjoy smooth, lag-free gameplay and an incredible experience with less noise!

The ROG Strix Z590-E is built to be the best gaming motherboard in the market, featuring Intel 10th Gen Intel Core processors, AI overclocking, NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti or RX 570 graphics, multiple Thunderbolt ports, dual Intel 2.5 Gb LAN, four M.2 slots, PCI-E 4.0 and 7.1ch HD audio. This motherboard is perfect for gamers looking to build a beastly system that will be able to handle any game, no matter how hardcore it is.

This motherboard has all the latest features to make your life easy when overclocking, such as Ai-overclocking, AI fan control, AI thermal design, etc. You have three onboard M.2 heatsinks to ensure the heat dissipation to keep the system under a safe temperature. Even if you overclock this system, it will run very cool even at extreme levels, thanks to the AI cooling.

This motherboard is one of the best motherboards available on the market today. Its looks are appealing, it’s got great features and can be overclocked to its maximum potential. I highly recommend that you should buy this mother for yourself.


  • Fast, stable and reliable
  • Excellent performance
  • AI overclock
  • Best and powerful


  • Expensive

3. ASRock Z490 Taichi Supports

ASRock Z490 Taichi supports 10th and future generation Intel Core Processors (Socket 1200). This motherboard allows users to access up to 16GB of dual-channel memory. It is compatible with the latest Intel 6-series processors and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 graphics cards.

With support for up to three PCIe Gen3 x16 slots, the Z490 Taichi provides high-speed bandwidth to all PCI-Express devices, including high-end graphic cards, allowing more efficient graphics performance. You can enjoy smooth gameplay on high-resolution displays with an array of built-in video, audio, display port, and HDMI™ 2.0 ports.

It is the ideal platform for demanding applications, such as CAD/CAM, media streaming, VR gaming, professional content creation, and workstation computing. ASUS ROG STRIX Series motherboards are designed to provide enthusiasts with an extreme gaming experience for all types of games, whether new or old.

ASUS ROG STRIX series motherboards offer superior quality, durability, and reliability with their robust design and unique features. Each ROG STRIX motherboard supports high-performance CPUs, enthusiast-grade connectivity, and an extensive selection of exclusive ASUS innovations for enhanced performance. In addition to these features, you can customize each ROG STRIX motherboard to meet your specific needs.

This motherboard supports the 10th generation Intel Core TM processor family, up from the 9th gen. But more importantly, it has a 14 phase power design that delivers outstanding performance and reliability with a maximum efficiency level of 89%. This means you’ll be getting more performance with less power consumption while providing the perfect balance between system stability and power efficiency.

I like to have a motherboard that has the best feature set for my use when it comes to motherboard selection. For this reason, I chose an ASRock Z490 Taichi, which can handle multiple processor generations and is compatible with future processors.

With 10th generation CPUs now coming out, it’s important to remember that you’ll be able to get more performance by upgrading your memory later down the line than you could at this time. The Z490 is equipped with 14 Phase Dr MOS power design, allowing your board to reach higher peak performance than other boards.


  • Multi-core processing
  • 14 Phase power design
  • 10th generation CPU support
  • Slots available for memory
  • Fast processing


  • Heating issue

4. ROG Maximus XIII Hero

Asus ROG Maximus XIII Extreme (WiFi 6E) Z590 LGA 1200(Intel® 11th/10th Gen) EATX Gaming Motherboard

ROG Maximus XIII is designed for those looking for an upgrade to their gaming rig. The Maximus XIII gives you powerful hardware at a competitive price. The Maximus XIII is powered by Intel’s 10th Gen Core i7-10900H processor and offers overclockable performance through Intel’s Precision Boost 2 technology.

Users can easily set their CPU speed up to 3.7GHz (100MHz higher than stock frequency) to take advantage of Maximus XIII’s unlocked overclocking potential, thanks to dual BIOS settings.

The Maximus XIII has a large storage capacity with up to 512GB SSD support (2x 128GB M.2 and 2x 256GB M.2). A dedicated graphics card slot supports two NVIDIA GTX 1660 SUPER graphics cards in SLI mode. You can experience true game immersion via an ultra-slim form factor with the Maximus XIII.

The X570 chipset’s PCIe Gen4 x16 and PCIe Gen4 x4 interface support the latest high-bandwidth devices, allowing you to take advantage of the new features introduced by Intel and NVIDIA. Maximus XIII has two Thunderbolt 4 ports, supporting up to 8K resolutions and 40Gbps data transfers per port. These ports make it easy for users to connect multiple external displays.

This is a motherboard with a lot of hardware for a reasonable price. At this time of writing, it sells for less than £250 on Amazon. This is a good option for someone who wants more than just an Intel CPU or wants something with a little more horsepower and power.

If you want more performance from the gaming side of things, there are also better options like the Asus X370 Pro Gaming, which comes at a much higher cost. You can overclock this as far as you want without a doubt for overclocking. It runs excellent, has a lot of PCIe slots, and can easily handle more PCIe slots.


  • Easy to Overclock
  • Storage Support
  • Extremely Powerful
  • Extra memory slots are available


  • Heating issue

5. ASUS Prime Z590-A LGA 1200

ASUS Prime Z590-A LGA 1200 (Intel®11th/10th Gen) ATX Motherboard

The ASUS Prime Z590-A LGA 1200 Intel 10th generation CPU motherboard delivers a perfect balance of performance, overclocking and sound quality that makes it an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts, overclockers, PC building enthusiasts or anyone seeking the ultimate motherboard to deliver their next fantastic experience. The ASUS Prime Z590-A delivers incredible performance and a unique design with an aggressive appearance to enhance its looks.

This ATX motherboard includes three DDR4 DIMM slots, and it can support up to 128 GB of RAM. It also features advanced audio technologies like the Sonic Studio Audio, EMI reduction and an anti-noise function. It also includes an onboard power supply unit and supports AC/USB and 12V DC power supplies.

The board supports multiple storage devices through its M.2 ports, including SATA Express, M.2 NVME and SATA. The board also has seven PCIe x16 slots and four PCIe x1 slots supported by dual or triple graphics cards for extreme GPU expandability. Finally, it includes Aura Sync lighting for easy personalization.

ASUS Prime Z590-A LGA 1200 is the latest ASUS motherboard featuring Intel LGA 1200 socket and 10th Gen Intel CPU. This is the first Intel LGA 1200 motherboard we have reviewed, and we hope this review helps people choose the best LGA 1200 motherboard for their needs. With three times of M.2 slots, 3x USB 3.2, ASUS Hybrid Fan, ASUS Fan Xpert 4 utility, and more! ASUS Prime Z590-A LGA 1200 is worth buying.


  • Compact size
  • Mini board
  • Easy to Overclock
  • Storage Support
  • Extra memory slots are available


  • Consume more Energy

6. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon

The MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon ATX gaming motherboards are designed with the newest hardware technology to enable high-performance computing and graphics applications. All the latest technologies, such as Intel Thunderbolt 3.0, PCI Express® 4.0, U.2 and USB Type-C, plus the support of Intel Optane™ SSDs, are all built into the motherboard to provide the best quality performance.

With its multi-colour MYSTIC LIGHT illumination, gamers will enjoy a deep gaming experience even when the light is off. The Thunderbolt™ 3 solution and PCI Express Gen 4 technology are the future, and MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon ATX gaming motherboards are ready for i1.

This was my first gaming motherboard, and I can say that it performs like a beast. There are no weak points in this product, and the fact that they had to upgrade the processor lane from USB 3.0 to the 10th gen makes me wonder how they squeezed everything in there. The audio is booming, and the USB-C is very responsive; I didn’t have any problems with it at all.

MSI has once again provided a great gaming experience. I like the Mystic Light RGB LED strip as well, it doesn’t get hot, and it does not burn me with heat while playing at full throttle, which is a big plus.

The LAN Manager and LAN solutions are reasonable, and they perform pretty well for the price I paid. Overall, this was a good gaming motherboard to purchase. I am glad to see MSI providing gaming motherboards with 10th Gen Core Processors.

Even though it may seem like this is a downgrade from the previous generation, it allows gamers to keep up with the games. I also have heard a lot about the 10th Gen chips being extraordinarily efficient and giving you that extra performance boost compared to previous models, which I was happy to hear.


  • Lightning fast
  • Powerful
  • Great for gamers
  • 10th Gen processors
  • Good audio
  • USB-C


  • Expensive

Buying Guide

Before you buy a gaming motherboard, you should know that there are different types of motherboards, and they come with different features and specs. To help you out, here are the types of gaming motherboards you can find.

Full-Tower Motherboards

These are the motherboards that are built to last. They have enough space to install a CPU, memory, a power supply, and storage devices. These motherboards usually have large heatsinks, and they can be considerable.

Mid-Tower Motherboards

These are the motherboards that are designed for small form factor computers. They have small heatsinks, and they are easy to install. They are also usually smaller in size than full-tower motherboards.

Mini-Tower Motherboards

These are the smallest and smallest motherboards that you can find. They are very compact, and they usually come with a USB-C port. There are different types of motherboards, and you should choose the right one for you. This will help you to have a better gaming experience.


We are excited to write this blog about the best motherboards for the Intel Core i9 10850K processor. We hope that you enjoyed our review of the top motherboards for the Intel Core i9 processor and that you were able to find an option that works for your setup. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you for reading. We are always excited when one of our posts can provide helpful information on this topic!

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