Does Epic Games Support Israel Or Palestine

Does Epic Games Support Israel Or Palestine? [2023]

Epic Games, headquartered in North Carolina, is an American video game and software developer founded by Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein in 1991.

Epic Games is the most popular game engine, mainly used by developers in many countries, including Israel. It is best known for developing the Unreal Engine.

For a more extensive understanding of Epic Games’s beneficiaries, please read the article until its conclusion.

Does Epic Games Support Israel Or Palestine?

Epic Games’s relationship with Palestine is more complex and sensitive compared to its involvement with Israel.

Israel and Epic Games


2019, Epic Games established an official branch of Unreal Engine in Israel. Israeli studios use this Unreal Engine for game development. 

This branch provides education, training, and support to Israeli developers using these engines.

Epic Games partnered with Gamestream, an Israeli cloud gaming company, to bring his popular video game Fortnite to the region.

This collaboration only aims to make the game accessible to a broader audience, not to support the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Boycott calls

Some gamers and groups called for a boycott of Epic Games due to its partnership with Israel or Israeli studios’ use of Unreal Engine.

Moreover, the company didn’t take any action in response to these boycott calls.

Presently, the company has not publicly announced support for Israel. Thus, “Does Epic Games Support Israel?” remains unclear.

Palestine and Epic games

Epic Games doesn’t have an Unreal Engine branch in the region or partnerships with Palestinian studios.

Epic Games hasn’t actively partnered with the Palestinian market, But their games, like Fortnite, are still accessible through platforms that allow Palestinian players to participate.

Human rights calls

During periods of conflict in the region, some gamers within the gaming community have criticized Epic Games for their help, calling for them to support the humanitarian situation in Palestine and potentially use their platform for fundraising efforts.

Epic games might support development in the region by donating to charities.

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From the above information, it is concluded that Epic Games’s relationship with Palestine needs to be established rather than its partnership with Israel.

The company has not issued any official statements regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and maintains neutrality.


Is Epic Games pro-Palestine?

Does Epic Games Support Palestine?” is still unclear. The company has not issued any official statements of support for Palestine. They do not have any direct business operations in Palestine.

Is Epic Games pro-Israel?

The question “Does Epic Games support Israel?” is still unclear, but the company could take several steps to tackle the concerns of Israelis and Palestinians, such as Working with developers from both sides to create games and support development in the region by donating to charities.