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9 Games Like That Will Make You Forget All About It!, a unique RPG and action video game, leaves you in a place where multiple groups of dangerous zombie killers are coming to get your neck. Whether it is through the streets of a city or through some unknown alleys, as the name suggests – you have to survive. 

In this game, you will be a human warrior coming with unlimited potential. Along with other survivors, you have to take weapons and fight against evil zombies while managing to stay a hero as you try to save others from these horrifying inhabitants.

It has uncommon gameplay, but the main highlight is they come at you mercilessly — the same reason why it is loved and users are searching for more options, and that is the same reason why we have mentioned a list of the best games like right below, in this article. 

List of Games like

Vampire Survivors 

  • Release Date: 2022
  • Genre: Action, Roguelike, and Casual 
  • Platform(s): Nintendo, Android, iOS, Xbox cloud gaming, and more
  • Developer: Poncle

Now, Vampire Survivors is not a title you can ignore if you truly like the gameplay of It is a popular time survival video game with a minimalistic gameplay, while it also has Roguelike elements. 

The game follows a simple storyline, where the hell has been emptied and all the devils have invaded the earth. As you might have guessed, there’s no place for humans to run or hide, and the only way out is to survive while fighting against hordes of predators alone. 

Vampire Survivors, along with the similar combat style and gameplay, also shares other core similarities like sticking to the Roguelike style, collecting upgrades growing in character abilities as you phase difficult enemies, and more with 

20 Minutes Till Dawn


  • Release Date: 7 June 2022
  • Genre: Adventure, Strategy, RPG, Casual, and Shooter
  • Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and more
  • Developer: Flanne

20 Minutes Till Dawn is recommended for those looking for an unusual art style or vibe compared to, but with the same core similarities. It is another Roguelike Shooter video game where you will be controlling the main character fighting with consistent hordes of various monsters.

The main goal of the game is to survive all the monsters until dawn, and when it turns back to the dark, you have to get alert. Crafting overpowered weapons and builds is also a part of your job since many new, unusual, and stronger monsters will be coming your way out of the blue. 

As for the similarities, while you see the same core combat style and gameplay in both games, they also share the aspect of Roguelike elements, they both throw multiple groups of increasingly complicated enemies at you, while they also require your ultimate focus on survival. 

Magic Survival


  • Release Date: 13 February 2021
  • Genre: Survival and Roguelike 
  • Platform(s): Android 
  • Developer: LEME

Magic Survival comes with a distinct art style, and in-depth gameplay and mechanics. It follows a storyline where many death magics have abused their magical abilities for decades of wizard war, and now it is your job to defeat those infected spirits. 

These spirits will be coming at you from anywhere, and as the main character, you have to use multiple spells to defeat their various magic spells and kill each and every spirit in the dark to reach victory. 

Moreover, Magic Survival and share a lot of similarities, including the core key of evil coming at you from anywhere in the dark, while they also emphasize surviving for as long as possible by using your resources and elements strategically.


  • Release Date: 23 June 2022 
  • Genre: Roguelike
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows 
  • Developer: Kay Yu

HoloCure — Save the Fans! is yet another Roguelike Shooter video game featuring VTubers from Hololive Production and gameplay referenced by Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival. Yet, compared to these two games, HoloCure asks you to play in a much more fun-filled environment.

In this game, you will be collecting multiple powerful weapons and items, while experimenting with various character builds to make your ultimate character, who will further explore, fight, and clear the way to save your fans from their mind control. 

Now, we are aware that you get a totally new vibe when you see HoloCure, but you can still give it a try since it contains a similar goal of survival at any cost, core gameplay mechanics, and a few more highlights that make it worth checking out at least. 

Nomad Survival 

  • Release Date: 28 April 2022
  • Genre: Action 
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
  • Developer: The Fox Knocks

Nomad Survival, one of the most similar options to, invites you to fight with multiple groups of enemies coming from anywhere at you, out of the blue. You have to fight and survive while also encountering strong bosses at times and exploring distinct characters and combinations. 

Here, the game has gameplay and mechanics that push you to take on difficult quests to become stronger and defeat some extremely strong and menacing bosses — all while you keep on upgrading your stats with every run and hit. 

Nomad Survival and share the same genre and core aspects of both being zombie games where you have to stand against multiple waves of zombies, while you also have to make sure you survive it at any cost – or it is a game over.  

Soulstone Survivors 

  • Release Date: 7 November 2022
  • Genre: RPG and Shooter
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Linux, and more
  • Developer: Game Smithing Limited

Soulstone Survivors is a popular action Roguelike video game where you are required to slit hordes of enemies in half. It contains multiple titanic and extremely strong bosses, who will only be defeated with powerful skills and combinations. 

In addition to that, Soulstone Survivors comes with a sole purpose of defeating the Lord of void and collecting their soulstones for becoming a god — all while you craft godly weapons, unreveal secret spells and skill combinations, unlock various characters, and do much more. 

Soulstone Survivors, similar to, offers you to fight against evil and survive against waves of foes. It also comes with an identical perspective where you can see your character from above along with the environment, and strategically planned moves are also required.


  • Release Date: 19 March 2023
  • Genre: Action
  • Platform(s): Android 
  • Developer: Habby

Sssnaker claims to be a combination of Snake X Bullet Hill – a Roguelike Shooter video game, where, similar to the classic Snakes game, you will indeed grow into an enormous snake, but instead of growing by eating, you will grow by blasting your enemies. 

In simple words, this game is here to give you an advanced experience of the classic game. It involves a dangerous dungeon, where you have to fight against waves of enemies, to not only grow longer but also grow powerful to fight stronger enemies in the future. 

Talking about the similarities between our two games – they both hold a top-down perspective where you can check the progress of your character from above, while they also involve a principle to avoid obstacles, otherwise it might be a game over. 

Mighty Doom 

  • Release Date: 12 April 2021
  • Genre: Shooter 
  • Platform(s): Android and iOS 
  • Developer: Alpha Dog Games and Bethesda Softworks

Mighty Doom is one of the leading Shooter video games on this list. It is from the Doom franchise that focuses on the slayer character, who progresses across stages with Roguelike mechanics, where you have to use your power to slay a ton of mini demons.

Overall, Mighty Doom is a 3rd person Shooter that will take you into the depths of the Doom universe, to experience a Roguelike adventure fighting with hellish foes, and to gain the title of the ultimate demon hunter while you explore the core of hell.

Additionally, Mighty Doom shares the core similarity of the main goal being survival with, the settings and gameplay mechanics also have identical elements, and lastly, similar genres and settings for character progression can also be found in both. 

Boneraiser Minions


  • Release Date: 5 August 2022
  • Genre: Casual, RPG, and Action 
  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows 
  • Developer: Caiysware

Boneraiser Minions is here with a distinctive concept, where, unlike what you have seen so far, you will be the enemy instead of a hero. With a huge army of evil undead under your control, you have to fight against waves of heroes and collect their bones to raise your minions.

In this game, you will experience Gothic horror and an auto-battle Roguelike mode, while you collect strong spells to win the war, unlock meta upgrades to renovate your abilities, and do much more to keep your name undefeated. 

Now coming to the similarities — honestly, there aren’t many identical highlights between the two, but they still share light similarities like, both games have waves of enemies coming at you, your main goal is to survive, and while you are doing so, upgrading, collecting, and managing resources is also important.