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7 Top Games like Immaculate Grid You’ll Enjoy [2024]

Immaculate Grid is a popular browser video game where you are given 9 guesses to fill a 3×3 grid. You have to fill the grid with professional athletes, and although it was initially developed for baseball, it soon expanded to more professional American sports, including soccer. 

Moreover, the trivia game is here to test your knowledge, and you can try different tactics and tricks to win and learn more about your favorite sport. However, is that the only good grid game available?

No, surely not — the Internet has more options if you are bored with Immaculate Grid, and if you are interested in knowing more about these options, then all you have to do is have a look at our list of the best games like Immaculate Grid mentioned right below, in this article.

List of Games like Immaculate Grid:

1. Crossover Grid 

Crossover Grid

Crossover Grid, also known as NBA Crossover Grid, is a popular sports puzzle video game website that challenges you to guess the players and fill in the blanks in a 3×3 grid. 

With Crossover Grid, you can test your sports and movies knowledge, and fill an immaculate grid, with the grid puzzles being renewed every single day.

In addition to that, Crossover Grid not only offers puzzles for NBA and movie categories, but for more options such as FC, NFL, MLB, PGA tour, TV, WWE, CFI, and NHL. 

Key Highlights

  • With just one click you can start over the same quiz.
  • You can change the 9 guesses system to unlimited guesses for low complicity.
  • A special section is dedicated to bonus grids, where you only get more puzzles to solve.

2. Infinite Baseball Grid

Infinite Baseball Grid

Infinite Baseball Grid allows you to practice your immaculate grid skills and talent with a community-supported open-source version on its site.

The main highlight of Infinite Baseball Grid is that, unlike many other similar options, it doesn’t have a daily limit, and instead of waiting for a new grid daily, you can try as many grid puzzles as you like in one day.

Additionally, you initially get 9 guesses, and you are allowed to give up any time in case the puzzle is too hard to solve.

Key Highlights

  • If you are an amateur and 9 guesses are too few for you, then you can opt for unlimited guesses. 
  • With just one click, you can share the current grid you are solving through links with anyone on different platforms and challenge your family or friends. 

3. Singular Grid 

Singular Grid

Singular Grid is another interesting choice if you love Immaculate Grid – because this site is a spin-off of Immaculate Grid.

Here, the rules and structure of the grid match, but instead of guessing a player, you will be guessing a player who can be a valid answer for any of the squares mentioned. 

In addition to that, the website only includes 340 MLB history players who have careers and have played for a big number of teams, and are valid for ‘Singular Grids’.

Key Highlights

  • You can check out the list of all the players valid for the game on the site, and tapping on a specific name will show you their grid.
  • You can reveal the length of the name and years active as hints if the puzzles get harder to solve. 

4. Football Grid 

Football Grid

Football Grid, created and presented by AC Momento, is a daily trivia puzzle game for football fans, where you can get new football grids published daily at 8 AM ET, 2 PM CET, or 1 PM BST. 

Furthermore, the gameplay is easy, where you select a player in every square, a player who has played in both the clubs, in the row and column, and if you answer correctly, then the player’s name will appear in the grid. 

Key Highlights

  • The grid is 3X3, which means you will have 9 players to add with 9 guesses only. 
  • When all your guesses are used, you will get the result and scores telling how many guesses were correct, like 5/9, 7/9, or so on. 

5. Puckdoku 


Puckdoku is where you have to guess NHL players based on their season, team, and statistics, and as seen multiple times with other titles – you only get 9 guesses to fill the entire board with correct guesses.

As for its gameplay, it is easy to understand – where you have to choose a player in the specific cell and make sure they match the respective row and column criteria. 

Additionally, if a cell has both an award or start and a team, then the player’s statistics or achievements are valid from the time when they used to play for that team during the respective season. 

Key Highlights

  • You can check out the classic game or opt for the special Michigan Hockey Doku section.
  • You have an option of checking stats or viewing a summary in the middle of the game. 

6. Film Immaculate Grid  

Film Immaculate Grid

Film Immaculate Grid, as you might have already guessed, is related to the movie category and doesn’t include any other options like sports.

Film Immaculate Grid is one of our most recommended websites if you’re interested in testing your knowledge through movie puzzle grids, and checking how much you know about your favorite movies.

Moreover, with Film Immaculate Grid, one can have fun understanding hints to select the perfect movie for every cell in the grid, and sometimes you will also be tested on actors. 

Key Highlights 

  • You will always find a good variety of hints to aid you in finding the correct answer.
  • There is a special collection named ‘Collections’ that includes co-star and born puzzles. 

7. Wordle 


Wordle, although doesn’t necessarily relate to sports movies or any of that sort category, is probably the top web-based word game mentioned in this article, popular across the globe.

In this game, you get 6 guesses and you need to guess a 5-letter word — with every attempt you make, you will get feedback, where the tiles will change color to indicate whether you have guessed right or wrong.

Additionally, you are allowed to play as many puzzles as you want in a day, and if you opt for its advanced version called Wordle Unlimited, then you can guess 4 to 11 letters in our variety of languages. 

Key Highlights

  • With Wordle Unlimited, you can create your own puzzle grids and share it to challenge your friends and family.
  • If the puzzle is getting harder to solve, then you can always search for tips, hints, and clues to solve it easily. 

Final Words

When you search for more similar games like Immaculate Grid, the Internet might give you multiple titles and a list of platforms.

However, if you want a guarantee to have fun, then the list mentioned above contains multiple unique titles with different gameplay to always keep you on edge.

That is all from our side, and we hope our list of the best games like Immaculate Grid was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Are there more free games like Immaculate Grid?
  • Puckdoku, Crossover Grid, Infinite Baseball Grid, Film Immaculate Grid, Wordle, Singular Grid, and Football Grid are some more free games like Immaculate Grid. 
  1. What are other sites like Immaculate Grid?
  • Infinite Baseball Grid, Puckdoku, Singular Grid, Crossover Grid, Film Immaculate Grid, Football Grid, and Wordle are some other sites like Immaculate Grid currently trending on the Internet.