6 Best Motherboards For i9-12950K in 2023

Motherboards For i9-12950K: The new Intel i9 12950K processor has both the world’s first and the fastest. The King of desktop processors is also the most expensive. We look at the best motherboard for the i9-12950K. There is a lot to consider when buying a motherboard.

You have to make sure that you buy one that works well with your processor and also one that is compatible with your RAM. You also have to make sure that it is compatible with your case. The Intel i9 series of CPUs are some of the most powerful processors in the world.

Their high specs mean they need some of the best motherboards to work with them. This blog will talk about the different motherboards that can support this processor.

Best Motherboards For i9-12950K

1GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS Master View On Amazon
2ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Apex View On Amazon
3MSI MPG Z690 Carbon Wi-Fi Gaming MotherboardView On Amazon
4ASUS ROG Strix Z690-I Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1700View On Amazon
5ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4 LGA1700 View On Amazon
6MSI PRO Z690-A ProSeries MotherboardView On Amazon

6 Best Motherboards For i9-12950K



GIGABYTE AORUS Master Edition is a gaming motherboard explicitly designed for hardcore gamers. With ultra-fast memory speed, multiple GPU options, and over 10 types of cooling solutions to keep your system cool even under full load, the AORUS Master Edition can satisfy even the most hardcore gaming enthusiast.

GIGABYTE offers you the perfect combination of performance and elegance. The Z690 series motherboard allows you to experience the benefits of the latest technologies. Equipped with Intel 9th Generation 9400 Chipset, the Z690 brings you the new and upgraded hardware technology such as Intel X99 Chipset, dual M.2 and PCIe Gen 3.0 support for better performance.

The ASUS-exclusive AORUS motherboards are built for gaming and overclocking with the best performance at an unbeatable price. ASUS-exclusive features include Aura RGB lighting with ASUS Aura Sync RGB LED strips that enable personalized lighting effects on the motherboard and ready-to-run software for personalization and tuning. GIGABYTE Ultra Durability 3 ensures rigidity and reliability under the most challenging conditions.

The GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS Master (LGA 1700/ Intel Z690/ ATX/ DDR5/ Quad M.2/ PCIe 5.0/ USB 3.2 Gen2X2 Type-C/Intel Wi-Fi 6E/ AQUANTIA 10GbE LAN/Intel Thunderbolt 4/ Gaming Motherboard) is the latest motherboard designed by the award-winning team of GIGABYTE, combining the latest in technologies into a single system that delivers outstanding performance and stability.

The GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS Master motherboard boasts the most potent combination of technologies on a GIGABYTE motherboard, with over 200 new and improved technologies delivering the ultimate gaming platform. To ensure your new system can handle all your future game titles, it also features a fully upgraded chipset supporting a range of up to five 4K monitors at 60Hz. As well as offering a wealth of features, it also includes an array of additional connectivity options for the ultimate flexibility.


  • Excellent overclocking capabilities.
  • Fantastic quality.
  • Great value.


  • Only a single M.2 slot.

2. ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Apex

ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Apex(WiFi 6E) LGA 1700

All of the features you need, none of the bloat. This is the Intel Extreme Edition version of the Maximus Z690 board. It brings together the highest performance components from Intel’s newest X299 platform. The result is a powerful gaming machine that will leave you standing still in awe.

ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Apex WiFI6E LGA 1700 ATX motherboard. The Maximus Z690 motherboard offers Intel’s latest 12nm++ high-performance CPU socket, the Intel Z390 chipset and DDR4-2666 memory support with ECC (Extended Caching).

The onboard graphics feature the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX™2080 Ti Super graphics card for jaw-dropping ray tracing and AI-enabled graphics performance. The motherboard also supports multiple PCI-E lanes and Thunderbolt™ 3 ports to help users connect various peripherals.

Gaming motherboards don’t get much better than the ROG Maximus Z690 Apex WiFI 6E ATX LGA1700 Intel 12th Gen. This motherboard features the newest and most exciting technologies and features, including a built-in Wi-Fi 6 adapter for up to 4x gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit LAN connectivity, up to 24 power phases, DDR5 memory, up to PCIe Gen 4, USB 3.2 Gen 2, dual M.2 PCIe x16 slots supporting PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe SSDs and even Hyper M.2. With this motherboard, you get the best of both worlds, with excellent performance and reliability to make your experience enjoyable.

Additionally, with a dedicated Intel XFast LAN port for high-speed networking and several USB 3.1 ports for easy connectivity to devices, this motherboard is also equipped to handle high demands in today’s gaming and multimedia environments. With support for high-capacity NVMe solid-state drives, the ROG MAXIMUS Z690 Apex is ready to store all your files and media for the ultimate performance and storage experience.

It also comes bundled with three 8-pin power connectors for quick system setup and maximum stability. A single-piece, metal-shielded, military-grade VRM design and triple MOSFET-based power delivery ensure exceptional quality, reliability, and compatibility with Intel’s 12th Gen processors. And the ROG MAXIMUS Z690 Apex is also completely modular and easily upgradable, allowing you to install any combination of cooling modules and storage solutions to achieve the ultimate cooling and storage configuration for your PC.


  • Stable and Reliable
  • A fully modular design allows for easy upgrades
  • Superb graphics performance


  • Pricey

3. MSI MPG Z690 Carbon Wi-Fi Gaming Motherboard (ATX, 12th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1700 Socket, DDR5, PCIe 4, CFX, M.2 Slots, Wi-Fi 6E)

MSI MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi Gaming Motherboard

The motherboard is designed for a high-end gaming experience in modern systems, emphasizing efficient thermal design and exceptional performance. MSI MPG Z690 is built around the proven X99 chipset and will enable you to enjoy up to four displays with ease and support for DDR5 memory.

The MPG Z690 is a gamer’s motherboard designed to give you the best possible gaming experience. With the latest 12th Gen Intel processors, you get up to 10x faster processing power and 4x faster graphics performance. Connect to your monitors via three DisplayPort 1.4 ports and one HDMI 2.0 port. Plus, M.2 slots and the PCI-Express slots help you add memory and storage and expand your graphics performance.

Enjoy an immersive gaming experience with high performance, connectivity, and many options at a price you won’t find anywhere else: experience first-class reliability and superior performance with the MSI MPG Z690 Gaming motherboard. The MPG Z690 is your gateway to an actual PC gaming experience with exceptional compatibility and a premium build.

This motherboard is ready for the extreme demands of 1080p gameplay and even virtual reality. It’s designed to take you to the limits of the latest games and technologies with a unique and powerful combination of features. Connectivity is built around PCIe 4.0. The MSI MPG Z690 can support up to eight DDR5 memory slots plus two PCI Express 4.0 x16 graphics slots for an unparalleled maximum of 32GB of RAM.

A USB Type-C header and dual M.2 (PCIe 3.0 x4 / SATA 3.0) for maximum speed. It supports dual displays and an HDMI 1.4 port. It even includes two Intel X299 chipset-based PCI Express 4.0 lanes for the ultimate connectivity. Features such as Game Boost 2.0, Multi-GPU technologies, Aura RGB lighting and more help you dominate in your favourite games. Gaming is just a mouse click away.


  • High-quality, solid PCB
  • Excellent layout
  • 4x M.2 slots
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Up to DDR5 memory


  • Narrow back panel

4. ASUS ROG Strix Z690-I Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1700

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-I Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1700

ROG Strix Z690-I is an Intel 12th Generation Z390 chipset-based motherboard that provides excellent performance for the high-end enthusiast gamer. With an exceptional array of features and technologies, including Intel® UHD Graphics 620, Killer Ethernet, DDR5, and Thunderbolt™ 4, it is a must-buy for anyone who wants top performance at an affordable price.

With support for all current Intel 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th generation CPUs, ROG Strix Z690-I offers unparalleled compatibility. The motherboard is designed with multiple PCIe x16 slots, ideal for liquid cooling setups, especially for those seeking maximum performance. ROG Strix Z690-I is the perfect platform for gamers to experience the latest gaming technologies and innovations, such as USB Type-C™, Thunderbolt™ 3, and DDR5.

ROG Strix Z690-I is equipped with the most advanced Intel 12th generation CPUs. You will get maximum performance and 1.6 times better thermals than the previous generation with Intel 12th gen CPUs. And it comes with a bundle of features for overclockers and overclockers, such as EIST (Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology), XMP 2.0, and UEFI BIOS 1.03, allowing you to push its CPU frequency further.

The ASUS ROG Strix Z690-I Gaming Wi-Fi 6E LGA 1700 (Intel 12th Gen) mini-ITX gaming motherboard (PCIe 5.0, DDR5, Thunderbolt 4,2.5Gb LAN, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 front panel Type-C,2x M.2, bundled ITX expansion card) can handle the gaming and overclocking rigours you throw at it.

With USB 3.2 Type-C connectivity, the ability to support both WiGig and Intel 10Gb Ethernet, the latest Intel X299 chipset, and ASUS-exclusive software features like DirectCU II cooling technology and ASUS Link, the ROG Strix Z690-I Gaming Wi-Fi 6E LGA 1700 (Intel 12th Gen) mini-ITX gaming motherboard (PCIe 5.0, DDR5, Thunderbolt 4,2.5Gb LAN, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 front panel Type-C,2x M.2, bundled ITX expansion card) is the perfect system to keep you one step ahead of the competition.


  • 1.1U design
  • 2.5G Ethernet
  • 4 PCIe x16 slots
  • XMP 2.0 ready
  • Support for USB Type-C


  • Expansion slot for WiFi card is not located on the back panel

5. ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4 LGA1700

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4 LGA1700(Intel® 12th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard

The motherboard features Intel®’s 12th generation Core™ i7-8700 CPU with Turbo Boost up to 4.9GHz (3.6GHz on default speed), supports HyperThreading technology for 32 physical cores, and DDR4 RAM to give you the speed you need for a fast game or multiple applications running at the same time.

It comes with an integrated Wi-Fi 802.11ac wireless LAN chip with MU-MIMO technology to provide the maximum possible throughput and better reliability for faster wireless data transfers. In addition, ASUS’s exclusive DirectCU III cooling technology lets you reach the absolute highest level of performance.

ROG Strix Z690-A motherboard with Intel® i7 12nm chipset support. ROG Strix motherboards provide a solid gaming platform for Intel Core™ X series CPUs. You can now upgrade your gaming PC with Intel® 12th Gen core processors and DDR4 memory.

Featuring NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 graphics, ROG Strix Z690-A is the best gaming motherboard choice, built for outstanding performance with up to 8GB RAM. ROG Strix Z690-A motherboard includes the complete PCI Express x16 slots to accommodate all high-end graphics cards and the latest technologies.

With Thunderbolt 4 and USB Type-C ports, ROG Strix Z690-A is one of the first motherboards that support Thunderbolt 4.1 and USB 3.2 Gen 2, supporting the transfer speed up to 10Gbps to connect your external devices. This motherboard supports up to 32 PCIe Gen 3 lanes.

It offers the next generation M.2 form factor of the Intel Optane SSD 905P for superior storage performance. It also delivers up to 2TB of storage capacity in a compact form. This motherboard will surely meet your all needs for high-performance gaming.


  • Ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6.
  • Support Intel Optane SSD 905P for faster storage performance.
  • The quality of the design is fantastic.


  • No USB Type-C port.

6. MSI PRO Z690-A ProSeries Motherboard

MSI PRO Z690-A ProSeries Motherboard

PRO series motherboards offer exceptional stability, efficiency and performance. They are designed to handle extreme loads from multiple hard disks, high definition multimedia cards and video processing applications.

And PRO series motherboards feature innovations like XMP 1.3+ to increase reliability and boost system performance, the latest chipset features to support new processors and PCI Express Gen 4 devices, and support for multiple graphics cards up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080. With PRO series motherboards, your next-gen computer will deliver exceptional value and superior performance, allowing you to enjoy your favourite games and apps anytime, anywhere.

This motherboard is also suitable for the ASUS Maximus X Hero, H270 Gaming K, G965 Gaming 8G, etc. The board has four 10GbE Ethernet LAN chips, four M.2 PCIe x4 interfaces, and two SATA 6Gb/s M.2 interfaces.

The M.2 interface of this motherboard is the highest capacity among all motherboards of the same type. It can support a maximum of 256GB SSDs, 16 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe drives, and 64GB RAM modules. There are many specifications of the ProSeries Z690-A. You can check it out on our website. The board also has a dual-RAID function, allowing you to use it as a RAID 0 or RAID 1 controller.

The MSI PRO Z690-A Motherboard is specifically designed to enhance your gaming experience. We think it’s the best motherboard for those who want to maximize their system performance. To begin with, the X99 chipset supports multi-threading capabilities, enabling more efficient use of the CPU resources.

With 4 x PCI Express 3.0 lanes and 1 x PCI Express 3.0 lane, you can easily link several expansion cards to your PC. And with support for the latest USB 3.2 Gen 2 specification, you can enjoy fast data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbit/s. Not only that, but the RAID ON / OFF button is conveniently located for easy access.


  • Support up to 8GB of DDR4 memory and up to 32GB of system memory.
  • Superior cooling design
  • Equipped with a large-sized heatsink
  • High-quality components


  • The mainboard does not support the latest PCI Express Gen 4 specification.

Buying Guide

Indeed, choosing the correct motherboard is not an easy task. It’s not only about performance, but it’s also about features. As a gamer, you need to ensure that the motherboard you choose has the features you need. If you’re planning to build a gaming PC, you’ll need to choose a motherboard that supports the processor you’re planning to use.

Not only that, but you’ll also need to consider other factors like power efficiency, build quality, and other features. I will share some of the most important features you should consider when choosing the correct motherboard for your next gaming PC. We’ll start with the most important one:


This is something that you should consider the most. You don’t want to spend your money on a motherboard that’s not powerful enough. At the same time, you also don’t want to spend your money on a motherboard that’s not capable of delivering the performance you need.

PCIe 4.0

This is the first feature you should consider. When building a gaming PC, you should always consider the number of PCIe slots. In most cases, you’ll be looking for a motherboard that has a minimum of two PCIe slots.

Meanwhile, you’ll also want to make sure that the PCIe slots you have can support the latest graphics cards. That’s the only way you’ll be able to play the latest games.


Another feature you should consider is storage. This is a feature that most gamers don’t consider, but it’s essential. It would help if you made sure that the motherboard you’re buying has enough storage. If you’re planning to use the PC for gaming, you’ll want to ensure that the motherboard you choose has enough storage space for your games.

It’s also worth noting that you’ll want to ensure that the motherboard you choose supports RAID. RAID is an excellent feature that makes your PC more stable and reliable. You should always make sure that the motherboard you choose supports RAID.


Power is another important feature that you should consider. This is very important. Power is the only factor that’s not dependent on the motherboard you choose. The motherboard you choose should be able to handle the power that you need.

If you’re building a gaming PC, you’ll want to make sure that the motherboard you choose has enough power to handle the power of your processor.


It would help if you also ensured that the motherboard you choose supports the graphics card you’re planning to use. In most cases, you’ll be looking for a motherboard that supports at least one graphics card with a PCIe slot.

Build Quality

This is something that you should consider when you’re buying a motherboard. You don’t want to spend your money on a flimsy and cheap motherboard. You also don’t want to spend your money on a motherboard with a quality that’s not as good as it should be.


It’s essential to consider a few things when finding the best motherboard for the i9 12950K. You can do this by asking yourself some questions. What do you want to use your PC for? Do you want to use it for gaming? Are you into streaming? If either of these is your primary intention, you will want to go with a high-end motherboard.

That is why we typically recommend Gigabyte and ASUS. However, suppose you want to use your PC for everyday tasks and the occasional gaming session. In that case, you can go with a lower-end motherboard. We typically recommend the H110 for this.

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