Does Xbox Support Israel Or Palestine

Does Xbox Support Israel Or Palestine? [2024]

Xbox is a brand of home video gaming consoles currently operating with 5 generations, including the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. 

The first Xbox was launched in North America on November 15, 2001, marking Microsoft’s first entry into the video game console market. 

Does Xbox Support Israel or Palestine?

It’s unable to provide any conclusion regarding Xbox’s stance on the Palestine conflict as there has yet to be an official statement or any public announcement from the brand itself. Below are some of the instances that might claim Xbox’s support to either of the countries. 

Xbox and Israel

Xbox’s Availability

Xbox Console and its various generations and services are officially available in Israel through the authorized retailers of Xbox. This indicates the level of business Xbox is engaging with Israel. 

Regional Settings of Console

Xbox consoles offer regional language settings in which they offer “Hebrew” as one of the language options for their Israeli users. This might depict the live support of Xbox to Israel as a region. 


Xbox, one of the parent companies, still has its foot in Israel, supporting many tech companies there. 

Israel and Palestine

No Official Statement

Xbox has not announced any official statement on its website, social media, or any other regional support specifically for Palestine. Hence making it challenging to depict their support in the Israel-Palestine war. 


Xbox consoles and other variations are not officially available in Palestine through authorized dealers, nor does the official website of Xbox list Palestine as a supported country or region. This means that Xbox services and support are limited for Palestinian gamers.

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Is Xbox Pro-Palestinine?

While Xbox has not officially backed Palestine, its stance remains shrouded. No public statements or regional support exists, though gamers’ independence is solid, making it challenging to answer the most asked question, “Does Xbox support Palestine?”

Is Xbox Pro-Israelian?

Without an explicit statement from Xbox, it’s challenging to answer the question, “Does Xbox support Israel?” However, the stances mentioned above suggest a degree of engagement of Xbox in the Israeli market.