Does Riot Games Support Israel or Palestine

Does Riot Games Support Israel or Palestine? [2023]

Riot Games, a primary American video game developer or esports tournament organizer, was founded in 2006 by Brandon Beck.

Riot Games is best known for creating popular games which are known as League of Legends (LoL) and VALORANT. The Company has a giant gaming community, and players from different countries, including Israel and Palestine, participate in esports tournaments. 

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Does Riot Games Support Israel or Palestine?

Due to Riot Games’ silence and no announcements from either side, it isn’t easy to give a definitive answer.

Several factors might show the Company’s presence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Riot Games and Israel

Business in Israel

Riot Games operates offices in Tel Aviv, an Israeli city, and hosts esports tournaments. Some games also offer official Hebrew language(Israel’s Mother tongue) support.

Boycotts and Allegations

Some activists have called for a boycott of Riot Games due to its business operation in Israel. The movement aims to peacefully push Israel towards ending its occupation of Palestinian territories.

In 2020, a Riot Games employee filed a case against the Company, alleging that she was discriminated against and eventually fired because of her Palestinian culture.

While the Company denied the allegations and stated that it aimed to target the Company.

Riot Games and Palestine

Gaming Community

Riot Games has a Large Palestinian Player Base, which plays their popular game and esports tournaments.

Some individuals within Riot Games, including developers and community leaders, have expressed personal support for the Palestinian cause on social media.

They also use the Palestine flag as their profile picture.

The Company promotes open communication and discussions about the issue within the gaming community, which could contribute to understanding and empathy.

Human rights support 

The Company indirectly promotes human rights in Israel and Palestine by engaging with organizations like UNICEF and the Red Cross for global initiatives.

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Riot Games has likely chosen to remain silent and maintain neutrality on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to avoid gaming players or employees.


Is Riot Games Pro-Israel?

The question of “Does Riots Games support Israel?” “remains unclear. But there are some factors, such as the Company operating offices in Tel Aviv, hosting esports tournaments there, and offering their official language, which might show support for Israel.

Is Riot Games Pro-Palestine?

The clarity on “Does Riots Games support Palestine?” “remains uncertain. Factors such as Palestine’s large player gaming community and some Riot employees expressing personal support for Palestine might show the Company’s potential support for Palestine.