Does Nintendo Support Israel or Palestine

Does Nintendo Support Israel or Palestine? [2023]

The Japanese multinational video game company, Nintendo, was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi and is headquartered in Kyoto.

Nintendo is the Giant Company. Nintendo established its second official store worldwide in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2022. In recent times, Nintendo has been at the forefront of supporting Israel or Palestine.

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Does Nintendo Support Israel or Palestine?

Determining whether Nintendo supports Israel or Palestine is difficult because the Company has yet to publicly take a stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Several factors show the indirect connection between the Company and the region.

Nintendo and Israel

Official store

Nintendo established its second official store worldwide in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2022.

The Nintendo store offers a wide range of Nintendo products and supports the growing demand for gaming in the region.

The local gamers can access Nintendo products directly and promote a stronger connection with the brand through this.

The store’s inauguration also creates job opportunities for Israelis, which helps in contributing to the local economy.

Non-Israel Content

An incident occurred in 2020 where anti-Israel art appeared in the user-generated content of one of Nintendo’s games.

This incident sparked criticism and raised concerns about user-generated content screening on gaming platforms.

While the Company immediately removed this content and clarified it wasn’t part of the game’s design.

From the present information, the question of “Does Nintendo Support Israel?” is undefined.

Nintendo and Palestine


There is a problem for Nintendo: Palestine has a limited market; the Palestine population and economic limitations of Palt make it a less commercially viable market for Nintendo.

Due to restrictions, establishing commercial distribution channels and infrastructure in Palestine can take time for the company.

There is no restriction on purchasing. 

There is no restriction on purchasing Nintendo products for Palestinians. Friends or relatives living abroad might give the Company’s products to Palestinians.

Retailers or wholesalers can import Nintendo products from neighboring countries.

Online marketplaces or local vendors might sell Nintendo products without any restrictions.

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Nintendo engages commercially in Israel but doesn’t express support for political stances. CompCompanya mainly focuses on commercial interests and avoids taking sides in political conflicts.


Is Nintendo Pro-Palestine?

The question of “Does Nintendo Support Palestine?” remains unclear. Presently, the Company has no official announcements of any such plans.

Is Nintendo Pro-Israel?

The controversy surrounding the anti-Israel art has led to interpretations of a pro-Israel stance. Still, no explicit statements confirm whether Nintendo Supports Israel.