Does Pubg Support Israel Or Palestine

Does Pubg Support Israel Or Palestine? Explained [2023]

Video games can sometimes get stuck in real-world complexities, just like PUBG. Pubg is quite a famous video game amongst every country’s citizens, from children to adults. 

But many are questioning the sides Pubg is in the Israel – Palestine conflict just because of a complicated map of Desert Nomad in the game. 

Let’s unpack the complexities PUBG Mobile is facing and explore what side the most popular game is in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Does Pubg Support Israel Or Palestine?

PUBG, the famous video game, doesn’t take sides in real-world conflicts. It just focuses on providing high-quality entertainment through its virtual gameplay. 

However, there have been many instances that need to be clarified before reaching a conclusion.

Pubg and Israel


The official video game PUBG mobile can still be downloaded and played in Israel through the available platforms. 

Moreover, there has been no notice of the restrictions or limitations on downloading and playing the game by the official PUBG Mobile itself.

Financial Support

The developer of the official PUBG mobile is Krafton, and they have not publicly disclosed any specific details about the financial dealings they have with different countries, including Israel.

Pubg and Palestine

No official Statements

Krafton, the developer of the virtual mobile game PUBG, has not made any official statements as of now in support of Palestine or the people of Palestine.

Community Interactions

Many of the online players and communities of PUBG mobile have shown solidarity with Palestine through in-game actions and social media. 

However, these actions are by the individuals or are community-driven and not officially endorsed by Krafton.

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Final words

The Israel-Palestine conflict is complex and multifaceted. Moreover, deciding whether to play PUBG in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict is a personal decision. 

There has been no clear or official statement from Krafton that states the support of PUBG to either Israel or Palestine. 

This raises the need for PUBG to be open and transparent about its support towards either Israel or Palestine. 


Is Pubg Pro-Israel?

Krafton generally avoids taking any side of this complex Israel – Palestine conflict. 

They haven’t made any official statement on the conflict, making the question “Does Pubg support Israel?” unclear.

Is Pubg Pro-Palestine?

PUBG hasn’t made any official statement in support of Palestine, either. The game staying neutral raises the need for many people to doubt the conclusion. 

This makes it more unclear on the question, “Does Pubg Supports Palestine?”